Halong Bay 01 Day Trip

From: $40 USD/ Person
Halong bay, the magnificent heritage with its 3000 islands rising from the emerald water of the Gulf of Tonkin. Ha Long is an excellent example of a Karst landscape created by a complex chain during millions of years of geological movement. Tour code: GLDH-HLB-01


Ha Long is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam that anyone in their life desires to come to Ha Long one day for the last day of their life, a cultural symbol of dragons carrying the fairy tale, magical. Come to Ha Long Bay for a day to discover the beauty of thousands of limestone islands with many shapes associated with the legendary story in real life. A fascinating beauty in the world of caves brilliant colors always make visitors to visit the dragon has the experience can not be more wonderful with Halong full day tour

Halong Bay is a must when you visit Vietnam. It’s located in the north of Vietnam, 165 km from Hanoi Center, is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests… If you do not have much time, let take Halong Bay 1 Day Tour

Hightlights on Halong Bay 01 Day Trip   
• Landscape of the countryside (North of Vietnam)
• Take a day cruise in UNESCO-listed Halong Bay. Enjoy the view with thousands of islands
•Lunch on Cruise while sailing in Halong Bay